Sunday, 22 April 2012

Earn Money Online True Way

What is

When coming to Earn money Online is Great,I have started my Career there a year ago and till Now I have earned upto 20000$ just by putting some of my time.The Biggest thing I like about odesk is, it helps you to connect to buyers which is the most important thing in any career,you can increase contacts and it helps you to get some future projects as well.Let’s take an example :Suppose you are the Independent contractor(Freelancer) at Odesk and George which is the owner of some Acme Inc. and he wants to get their website done and he does not know any web designing company ,so, He comes to Odesk and search contractors there and you provide this(web Design:I provide Thesis Theme customisation) service there and he contacted you and you get paid when the webiste is done.Thst’s really Great,Sitting at even coffee shop or at the comfort of your Home you can do this.
What type of projects are there?

Fixed price projects:There are fixed price projects there,This means that suppose someone posted the job and he wants the website built or anything in the 200$ ,This is called Fixed price can Bid on that and when you won the projects ,you will get paid 200$ or your Bid amount after the project is done,you can ask for upfront also before starting the project to save your time ,I always ask upfront in fixed price projects like upto 50%,20% etc. to save my work time or getting paid instead of helping other free.

Hourly basis projects:These type of projects are really very helpful ,in this way you can charge Employers/Buyers on Hourly basis like 15$/hr,40$/hr depends on your capabilities and skills.

Payment Methods

The Best Thing I like about Odesk is, They have several payment methods available:

Local Funds Transfer:This allows you to transfer your funds that you have earned on Odesk at your Local Bank Account,In India I have Axis Bank account so I transfer all my earnings to this ,you can use any PNB,HDFC,canara etc.
Paypal:They transfer your funds through paypal as well ,It is instantaneous ,well it can take time around 1 day also.
By Payoneer Mastercard:I used to get paid via Payoneer but due to politics in our Country(India),Indian Government banned this service but if your are from some other country ,This is the Best way to get Paid .
Moneybookers:You can get paid via MoneyBookers as well.
Wire Transfer:you can get paid via Via wire Transfer as well..
Regrd Zee Smartoo

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